Valentine’s Gifts that Speak from the Heart with Valentine’s Deals You’ll Love on Shopee

A few more days to go and it’s Valentine’s Day already. I hope you got your Valentine’s Gifts all wrapped up and ready to be delivered. But just in case you still haven’t got a clue on what to get your loved ones I suggest you start with gifts that fit your love language. These are gifts that speak from the heart which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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There are five types of love language that people use to express their love. It could be words of appreciation, acts of service, quality time, gifts, or touch, a combination of some, or all five. My favorite love language is words of appreciation because I’d like my loved ones to know exactly how I feel. But since words aren’t just expressed verbally I got several Valentines Gifts that will help me say I love you using my love language.

More than a thousand words of love. They say that a picture paints a thousand words and that is what I had in mind when I chose Photo books for my Valentine’s Gifts. This 6×6 hardcover simple book contains 20 pages of wonderful memories carefully chosen to show the love we share when we are together. I also got 11×8.5 Disney Hardcover Photobooks for my kids to show each of them how much they are loved and cherished.

6×6 hardcover simple book

11×8.5 Disney Hardcover Photobooks –

Words of love to brighten your day. One is never too young or too old for love notes. These thoughtful words tucked in  lunch boxes, notebooks, or even gadgets can serve as inspiration or morale booster to get us through the day. For this I got some Deli Felt Coloring Pens in 24 colors. These colorful pens will literally create colorful messages to brighten ones day.


Deli Felt Coloring Pens in 24 colors – get it here

A treasure trove of love language. Every note you receive from a loved one is unique and treasured. For sentimental people these little notes go to a treasure box, case, or envelope. Another option is to have it stored in an organized manner. The Deli A4 file organizer can be a practical option for storing these treasured notes.

Deli A4 file organizer – get it here

I found great deals for these gifts at the Valentine’s deals you’ll love on Shopee. You can get up to 80% discount on selected Photobook products and up to 76% discount from Deli PH. There are also deals that give up to 90% off so it’s really exciting to shop for Valentine’s gifts. These deals run from Feb 4 to 14 so you still have a few days to catch them.

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