Easy Peasy Clean Up with Deerma in the House

For most people juggling work and household chores became much more of a challenge during the pandemic. Mostly because we had to be more conscious of cleanliness standards and we had to rely on ourselves to do the dirty jobs too in order to minimize exposure to others. It’s a good thing that there are devices that we can rely on to make things easier for us to do. And when it comes to cleaning, I’m glad I’ve got Deerma to help make things a lot easier.

Deerma is a brand of household appliances like kitchen gadgets, humidifiers, and vacuum cleaners. Recently I got to try one of their vacuum cleaners and discovered that cleaning the house is just a snap when you’ve got one in your hands. They’ve got several models around but my top picks include the Deerma VC811 Hand-held Wireless Vacuum Cleaner and the  Deerma CM818 Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sterilization features.

The Deerma VC811 Hand-held Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is designed for giving  your house an efficient clean. With no wires to deal with your movement I unimpeded. Thus allowing you to clean all areas easily. It also has multiple brush heads to fit your cleaning needs. You can use it on the floor, sofa, ceiling, cars, etc. The large capacity dust tank is another plus because you can cover large or multiple areas without having to empty the tank.

Another nice product is the Deerma CM818 Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sterilization. This Vacuum is perfect for cleaning the sofa, bed, or any upholstery that is prone to collecting dust and mites. It has a powerful suction that can get anything from dirt, mites, dander, etc. It can also help remove dampness because of its warm air outlet. But the best feature I like is the UV-C lamp that also helps sterilize as it cleans. This Deerma vacuum has a  sterilization rate of up to 99.99%. In terms of design, the combination of a comfortable curved handle and one-touch start button makes one-handed control run smooth and easy.

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These appliances make cleaning the house so easy. Thus if your looking for a nice gift for your fellow homemaker, then you might want to add this on your gift list. Deerma Products are available at their official store in Shopee. If you want to be in on some deals visit their store now and catch their sale event.

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