Christmas Vibes for Your Baby’s Skin Care with UniLove Christmas Edition at UniCare Shopee Store

Our Christmas Season has already started at the onset of the “ber” months. For those of us who have kids this can be both fun and stressful. Its fun because we love making everything Christmassy for our kids and stressful because these tasks can be overwhelming. To make sure that I won’t get overwhelmed, I simply appreciate everything Christmassy that comes my way instead of actively searching for it. Even small stuff for our daily routines can help a lot. For instance, shopping for UniLove Christmas Edition can add some Christmas Vibes in your skin care routine.

Skin Care for Babies on the Go

Mild soap and moisturizer. The best way to protect our baby’s skin is to keep it healthy. A mild soap that will keep your baby clean and protected for germs is a must. Dryness and irritation is also another skin care concern for babies which is my moisturizes are also applied whenever we change clothes and diapers.

Baby Wipes. It’s hard to predict when babies need to go and do their thing so we have to be prepared all the time. Baby Wipes that are gently formulated to cleanse and protect are your ideal options. For some added Chritmassy vibe you can try the UniLove Baby Wipes Christmas Edition.

This all-new edition of UniLove Baby Wipes make clean-up time more jolly with its Christmas design. It has a Reindeer on the Pack and sized just right for babies on the go. Aside from the heavy duty fabric I also like its gentle formulation which has the natural, calming properties of Aloe Vera, Lanolin, and Vitamin E. The result is a gentle cleanse that leaves your baby’s skin fresh and supple.

Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener. Everything that touches your baby’s skin should be gentle and harm free. Not just the diapers but also their clothes. As such one must also be particular with the laundry soap and Softener used on baby’s clothes. Check out the UniLove Baby Laundry Detergent Christmas Edition this holiday season. It has all-natural ingredients and essential oils that washes away stubborn dirt while still being mild and gentle on your baby’s skin. It also has a nice powder scent that’ll make cuddle time more enjoyable not just for mom and baby but for everyone else who gets to hold the baby.

It’s not enough for baby’s clothes to be clean and smelling good. It should also be soft and gentle on your baby’s skin that’s why a Fabric Softener is a must. The UniLove Baby Fabric Softener Christmas Edition can make snuggle time with more precious and enjoyable. with It is made of natural ingredients that keep your baby’s clothes huggably-soft and comfortable to wear.

Christmas Treat for Baby’s Skin Care

With Christmas in the air UniCare and Shopee are giving out some early treats for your Baby’s skin care. September 23 is UniCare’s special brand promo day at Shopee. In this event you can get your UniLove Christmas Edition loot at huge discounts of up to 50% off. Simply visit the UniCare official store at Shopee and take your pick. With Christmas gatherings ahead of us now is a good time to stock up on these skin care essentials.

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